1. Is there any refund against cancellation?

Cancellation of tour will attract certain cancellation charges. The travel consultant will give you the details about such cancellation at the time of booking or for more information on cancellation charges.

2. What is an e-ticket?

An electronic ticket is a method of ticket entry, processing, and marketing for companies in the airline, railways and other transport and entertainment industries.

3. What does the World Tour price include?

The World Tour price generally is inclusive of your travel arrangements, accommodation, all meals, sightseeing, Tour Leader services, etc.

4. What is the difference between Child and Infant?

Infant is any guest who is below 2 years of age whereas child is guest who is or above 2 years of age and below 12 years of age.

5. Is there any specific reason, why there is a remarkable difference in the price for an Infant & a Child for the World Tours?

Airlines have different airfares both infant and child as per their defined age category. For infant, airfare is 10% of the adult airfare whereas for child, it is 75% of adult fare or at times child fare may be the same as adult fare. For child above 2 years we also provide separate coach seats for the entire tour.

6. What are the modes of travel on tour?

The modes of travel depend upon the tour which you book. Generally, we travel by Flight, Coach, Train, Cruise, Speed boat, etc.

7. Are there any night journeys on tour?

For flights we may have night journeys, but we normally avoid night journeys on tour as far as possible.

8. Do we have to walk a lot on tours?

We have to walk at sightseeing places, amusement park, however the same will be timely instructed by the Tour Leader.

9. Do we have to wake up early on tours?

We normally follow 6-7-8 schedule i.e., wake up at 6 am, breakfast at 7 am and departure at 8 am and for Indian tour its 7-8-9 schedule i.e. wake up at 7 am, breakfast at 8 am and departure at 9 am. However, the schedule may change as per the situation.

10. Will Anytymfly recommend me where to shop on a tour?

Our Tour Leader will provide information about the shopping areas on tour.

11. Can I use my credit card for shopping / personal expense while on an International tour?

Yes, you can use internationally accepted Credit Cards for shopping and personal expenses but kindly cross check with your Bank before effecting any transaction. We are not responsible/liable for any loss, fraud, damage, cheating etc., if any, occurs in such cases.

12. How much baggage is allowed per ticket?

At present, for international most of the airlines are allowing 25kg of Check-in baggages and Hand baggages of 7kg. And for domestic, most of the airlines are allowing 15kg of Check-in baggages and Hand baggages of 7kg. In addition to hand baggage, one personal item like Laptop or ladies purse is allowed.

13. Do I need a passport to travel?

Yes, Passport is mandatory for any international travel.

14. If I do not have a passport, will Anytymfly assist for the same?

If you do not have a passport you can apply for the same online on www.passportindia.gov.in if you are an Indian National, however Anytymfly assist for applying the passport.

15. What is VISA and how should I obtain the VISA?

VISA is the short form for Visitors Intending to Stay Abroad. It is a permission granted by the high commission or consulate of the country you wish to visit. For certain countries, you have to go for personal interview too. Anytymfly will assist you in filing the VISA application.

16. What is the possibility of getting a VISA?

Granting or Non-Granting of a VISA solely depends on the respective Consulate/ Embassy. We just assist you in filing the application for the VISA. We neither assure nor guarantee the VISA to anyone since the same is beyond our control.

17. Does the Tour Leader assist us on the entire tour?

Yes, the tour leader will assist you throughout the tour. However, they are not responsible for baggage or any kind of personal belongings.

18. What are the documents required to book a tour?

To book a World Tour, you need passport with 6 months validity subsequent to the scheduled departure date of the tour and with sufficient number of blank pages for visa purposes. You also need to pay a registration amount depending on the tour price. Whereas for Indian Tours identification proof and registration amount is required.

19. Prior to tour departure is there any information provided?

We do give pre-departure information sheet once you book a tour which consists information about the destination, things to carry, weather, shopping etc.

20. Do we get any confirmation call of our scheduled departure?

Yes, 2 to 3 days prior to your scheduled departure we give a call to inform the reporting time and place.

21. Is my refund amount adjustable against any part – cancellation?

No, the refund amount is not adjustable against part cancellation.

22. How much time does it usually take to process a refund?

Ideally, it takes 4 - 5 working days to process refunds, once the guest agrees on refund amount. However, to derive the best amount of refund, it takes additional operational time to deal with airlines, hoteliers etc.

23. How to book my flights?

1. Login to our website anytymfly.com
2. Select whether one-way, return or multi-city journey.
3. Enter your travel details like, departure city, destination city, date of travel and the number of passenger and click on search button.
4. The new page will give you a list of flights for your said dates. Once comparing the cost, enter passenger details and proceed to the payment details to make your booking.

24. How to book my bus?

1. Login to our website anytymfly.com
2. Click on buses.
3. Enter the travel details like, departure city, destination city and date of travel and click on search button.
4. Select a bus of your choice from the list of buses that are displayed.
5. Select a seat, boarding, and dropping points and click on continue.
6. Enter your personal contact details for booking.
7. Enter the offer code (if applicable), select your mode of payment and complete the payment procedure.

25. What is web check in?

This is a facility through which passengers having a confirmed booking in any of the airlines could check in for the flight through the particular web site.

26. What happens in web check in?

Once you web check in, you will be taken to a page where you can print your e-boarding pass.

27. How can I create a account in anytymfly?

Firstly welcome to anytymfly, creating an account is free. and the steps are mentioned below:

  1.  Go to our website "Anytymfly".
  2.  Click on top of the Registration.
  3.  Fill up all the required details in the provided space.
  4.  And click on to the Submit.
  5.  Once this process gets completed you can log in to your account and book your tickets.

28. How to search for a tour packages?

  1. Go to our website "Anytymfly".
  2. You will be reached to the homepage of our website.
  3. There on top towards the right side you will see the option of "HOLIDAY".
  4. Click on holiday then you will be reaching to the homepage of holiday click on top of the search button where you will be entering to the page of the all the package included with itinerary.

29. How to calculate the price?

  1.  you can navigate to the itinerary page and select the package of your choice.
  2.  Then select for adult and children count.
  3.  Then pick the travel date, and calculate price.
  4.  Tour price will be displayed.
  5.  Check if any offers are available.
  6.  Copy and apply the offer code.
  7.  you will get final price after the discount.

30. Is the driver verified and reliable?

Most of the drivers are experienced with tours and we only deal with professional and reliable drivers.

31. Can Anytymfly help us with entry tickets /safari tickets?

As we mentioned in the package itinerary all our tours exclude entry & activity fees (like Safari, Boating, Rafting, etc)..

32. Where does anytymfly gather reviews?

We provide Trip Sheets to our tour guides who gather feedback from customers. We also gather feedback from our online review links and google reviews submitted by our uses.

33. Am not getting any flights its showing zero. What can I do?

Clear your browser cache and try the search again. If you still don’t get any flight results, it may either be because we can’t find flights for that route or because there’s no availability of flights for your date. Note: Please check the spellings

34. I had completed all my payment details and submitted it but all I got was blank screen I got charged twice with no e-ticket . what to do now?

We’re really sorry for the inconvenience. Please don’t worry. We’ll call you within four hours and complete this booking offline. We suggest you do not try booking again as you may end up getting charged twice.If you’re really impatient, call us and we’ll help you fix this immediately.

35. How can I reset my Password?

You can reset your password by following steps:

  1. Go to anytymfly.com
  2. login to your account and enter menu bar.
  3. Click on top of your profile, you can edit the changes and mail us to the mail address of www.anytymfly.com

36. What if vehicle gets breakout during travelling?

If it ever happens, please inform your Tour Manager immediately about vehicle breakdown. We will work with our Driver & Logistics partner to resolve issue as soon as possible. In case vehicle couldn't be repaired we will arrange alternate vehicle.

37. Do I need to inform my arrival time to the hotel?

Standard arrival time is between 12 PM - 2 PM. It is recommended to inform the hotel if you are going to check-in after 2 PM.

38. How do I print my ticket?

  1. Go to our website anytymfly.com.
  2. Enter your trip ID in the given space and add last name of any of the passenger.
  3. And you will be able to see your e-ticket

How do I get a visa?

All countries that you wish to visit require advance application for visas. This involves filing your application at the embassy or consulate of the country. Several documents are required to accompany your application. Also the respective consulates may call you for a personal interview, fingerprinting procedures or to furnish additional documentation in select cases. Ociotoursdoes not provide any assistance regarding VISA and we will highly recommend that you check VISA formalities with your embassy and airline and arrange VISA for all the countries listed in your itinerary. You may require transit VISA for transiting few countries/airport listed in your itinerary.

Do I need to reconfirm my flight?

For domestic airlines, you need not reconfirm your flights. Some international airlines do require passengers to call and reconfirm their flights a certain number of days/hours prior to departure. In this case, if the airline does not receive re-confirmation from the passenger, the reservation may be cancelled. If you are travelling on an airline that requires re-confirmation, we recommend that you call the airline to find out how far in advance you must reconfirm and any other applicable requirements the airline might have. It is usually 72 hours before departure. We also strongly recommend that you re-confirm your flight's departure time and terminal at least 24 hours before departure. This is to ensure that you are aware of your current schedule as airlines do sometimes change flight numbers, departure / arrival times, as well as terminal. Reconfirmation is done by calling the airlines directly. We will not be liable if your flights were cancelled by the airlines due to failure to reconfirm.